Intelligent Productive Systems

Responsible: Diolino José dos Santos Filho

The control architecture of productive systems have evolved, and Programmable Controllers, which previously required proprietary languages​​, have now adopted standards and open languages​​, including high-level languages ​​like C and Java, and have their reliability, capacity and processing speed magnified at levels that rival with powerful computers. In parallel, evolutions in instrumentation technology has allowed improving the quality and quantity of information available for the control systems. The Human-Machine Interfaces – HMI have evolved significantly allowing different information can be obtained quickly and objectively by the user.

Thus, the new automation systems involve the design of embedded control systems including decision-making functions and complex strategies involving multiple and conflicting goals.

This research project proposes to investigate and develop techniques and methods of modeling, analysis and synthesis of control of IPS face these new challenges, and currently serves on the following lines:

  • Muti-agent architecture for the synthesis of IPS control systems
  • Control architecture for flexible productive systems with multiple objectives
  • Control of concurrent processes in IPS
  • Hybrid Open Systems
  • Languages ​​based on Petri nets for the synthesis of control, and tools for implementation of control algorithms

Keywords: productive systems, intelligent systems, modeling and control.